Avoid empty battery

Is the battery of your car empty after you have installed a new navigation system? And the garage said that the problem lies with the navigation system and there is no solution? That is not true! A properly connected navigation system cannot possibly drain the vehicle's battery. We know that this problem occurs in 2004-2009 vehicles. A true specialist who installs navigation systems more often also knows that if a customer wants to have a new navigation system installed in a vehicle from 2004-2009, it must be connected in a different way.

Because these vehicles usually do not have a switched 12V voltage in the original radio plug. To ensure that the CANBUS module and the navigation system automatically switch on and off with the ignition, it is important to provide these 2 parts with switched 12V.

For vehicles from 2009, it is not necessary to install a switched 12V cable, because the supplied CANBUS module already takes care of all this. And put both products on standby after the ignition is off.

Below are the instructions to correctly connect it to vehicles from 2004-2009, please note from year of construction 2010 this is not necessary.

Products with N8 in article number for example: N8VW7RNS

1. Cut the yellow thin wire going to the CANBUS module, note there are 2 yellow wires, do not cut the thicker wire going to the radio.

2. Connect switched 12V power to the thin wire that eventually goes to the CANBUS.

3. Check whether the radio now switches on and off with the ignition, note that sometimes there is a small black plug with red and orange wire, disconnect this, otherwise the radio will receive constant voltage.

If the radio does not turn on, connect the red battery wire of the radio also to the yellow wire of the CANBUS. Now this is what happens, once the ignition of the car is on, 12V goes to the CANBUS and the ACC wire of the radio. This means that the 2 parts only receive voltage when the ignition is on, making it impossible for the battery to drain.

There is a thick yellow wire that goes to the radio, and it should always receive constant voltage, because this is for the memory of the radio, but this cannot drain the battery because there is really minimal voltage used.

Products with CE in article number for example: CEVW7RNS

1. If the radio does not turn on, see if there is a switch on the back, a small switch that you can slide.

2. Cut the red acc wire, and supply the red acc wire that eventually goes to the radio with switched 12V