Avoid empty battery

An empty battery can be prevented 100%, because this depends on the way of connecting. Please note that you usually do not have to make any adjustments to the wiring on vehicles after 2009. The only thing you DO have to do is disconnect plug (D), so do not connect.

- If you have a vehicle built after 2009, disconnect the plug (D). That's all you need to do.

- Do you have a vehicle older than 2009? then follow the steps below:

1. Make sure plug (D) is not connected.

2. Make the wiring as shown in the picture below, and make sure that the wires (X) are closed so that they do not short circuit if they touch something.

3. Connect wire (A) to a switched 12V. A switched 12V can be found through the fuse box or through the cigarette lighter.

What has now happened is that the CANBUS module only receives power via the yellow (B) wire when the ignition is on, so the CANBUS will not consume any power at all when the ignition is off.

The red (C) wire is the ACC wire, as soon as voltage is applied to it, the car radio switches on. So as soon as the ignition is switched on, power goes to the CANBUS via the yellow (B) wire and power to the car radio via the red (C) wire.

Make sure you do not cut the thicker yellow wire, this wire runs via a large block plug directly to the car radio, this is for the memory and this cannot empty your battery.