Reversing camera not working

When you buy a car radio from us and a reversing camera, you get all the necessary cables.

Very occasionally it is necessary to purchase an extra camera filter, you will need this if the camera only works when the motor is not running. The first thing you can try is to tap the power from the camera via the radio. On the back of the radio you usually have a REVERSE wire, this wire runs through the CANBUS module to the radio. You can tap 12V through this wire. This wire only comes with 12V when the gear is set to R.

This also does not work on some vehicles because there is no voltage on the REVERSE wire. In that case, it is better to purchase a camera filter and place it between the reversing lights and the camera.

What is a camera filter? With some vehicles, a certain signal goes to the reversing lights, via this signal the vehicle checks whether the lamp is defective, if the lamp is defective you will receive a message on your on-board computer. This control may interfere with the camera, which is why the camera does not work when the engine is on.

So there are 2 solutions:

- Drain power to the camera via the PINK/PINK Reverse wire.

- Purchase a camera filter and place it between the lighting and camera.