Radio does not work

If you have received a product that does not work, we recommend that you first make sure that the product is also defective. It sometimes happens that we receive a message or complaint about a product, after we contact the customer and try to find out the cause, we find out that it has been connected incorrectly. Even though it is connected by a specialist, they too can make mistakes. That is why it is important to contact us in that case, or to look at the technical questions on this helpdesk page.

Please note, this is only necessary for Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda vehicles from year 2003 to 2008. From year 2009 no adjustment is required to the wiring.

What you can try yourself if a car radio does not turn on:

1. Connect the plug as shown in the picture below, and test whether the radio turns on.

If the radio turns on in this way, do the following to have the radio turn on and off automatically with the ignition. This prevents an empty battery.

  • Disconnect the small black plug.
  • Cut the red wire, see marking A and B in the photo. And the yellow wire see marking C.
  • Connect wires B and C together and connect them together to a switched 12V voltage.

Look closely at the photo so that you cut and connect the correct wire. There are 2 yellow wires, one thick and one thin. Cut the thin yellow wire, not the thick wire. If you do it as mentioned here it will work 100% and your battery will not be drained for sure.